WordPress with HTTP *and* HTTPS

I guess the designers of WordPress expect users to use either HTTP *or* HTTPS. But what if you need both or want to support aged links to a site now running HTTPS or know some of your plugins generate fully qualified urls that include the HTTP scheme? None of these is insurmountable. For example, edit the plugin or add redirects to your URL rewrite tool.

So here is another way which will work.

ExtJS: Reloading stores quickly

In an ExtJS application it is sometimes necessary to reload a store and the challenge is to do it quickly. If the store backs a paged grid the issue doesn’t really arise. But if the store backs a grid with many records – and specially if its a tree store backing a tree view – reloading the store efficiently is important.

This post describes and provides code for our solution to this issue.

Why doesn’t Linux work as a general OS?

I have wanted Linux to work for a long time but the reality is that I use Windows. But why? The reasons are important to me because I need to understand why I prefer Windows over Linux even though it costs more cash to run than Linux. Here are my reasons for Linux cannot succeed on the desktop:

It’s free, there are too many distributions and it’s not backward compatible.

I want to keep them in mind so that when I’m uncertain whether to use Windows or Linux I can be clear headed.

Fixing printing problems in Windows

For the longest time printing on our network was a hit and miss affair. Some could (I could) but others could not and yet others could but only intermittently. Our arrangement is not entirely usual but not to the point of uniqueness. We have a domain but the printer is attached to a machine that is not part of the domain. After months of trying to ensure everyone is able to print, I think it’s finally fixed.

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