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Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

Today Microsoft announced Office 2013 and provided general access to a preview version. I’m delighted to come out from under wraps to report that ComplyXL supports Office 2013. The announcement was a webcast shown at noon PDT and led by Steve Ballmer. However the interesting stuff was presented by Kirk Koenigsbauer who demonstrated Office 2013 […]

The case for virtual domain controllers

I’ve been using Windows servers for a very long time. In all that time any article I’ve read on the subject of domain controllers has stressed the importance of having a machine dedicated to the role and, ideally, a backup. For a large enterprise this is probably good advice. For a small organization it’s overkill […]

Skype and Microsoft: anyone understand it?

Even a decade or more back I read that Microsoft would not enter a market it couldn’t create a $billion business from. A company as big as Microsoft has to make big bets. Some will work, some will not. Even so, what’s the deal with Skype?