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Decrypting Open Office documents

Office Open XML decription code At the end of June Microsoft released many documents which aim to provide normative information about various the protocols and file formats used by Microsoft products. Among these documents is MS_OFFCRYPTO which provides information about the algorithms used to encrypt Microsoft Office documents (new and old) and which are available […]

Can you buy Olympic gold?

For the past 8 years (or may be longer) some of the ill gotten gains from the UK’s national lottery has been going towards funding sports excellence in the UK.  At the Athens Olympics four years ago the results were ambivalent.  The overall performance (as measured by medals awarded – especially gold) was not as good as […]

A European view of the medal totals in Beijing

Totals at the end of day 15.  Numbers in brackets are medal totals normalized for population (China x 1, EU x 2, USA x 4). Territory Population (~m) Gold Silver Bronze Total China 1200 49 (49) 19 (19) 28 (28) 96 (96) Europe 600 89 (178) 106 (212) 101 (202) 296 (592) USA 300 34 (136) […]