Example certificate generation and signing for C#

To download the example code associated with this post on PKI boot camp click here. Why make a nominal charge? It took a while to figure out how to create certificates in C# so I know if you are looking to be able to generate certificates, generate and verify signatures then this example is going to save you time. If you’re learning about PKI in C# and example code you can run with is not worth $5 to you that’s OK.

The download package contains full examples of creating:

  • Master (root), intermediate and functional X.509 certificates
  • A certificate chain
  • Code-signing, email signature and time-stamp functional certificates
  • Examples of adding extented certificate usage features such policies, friendly names, certificate and revocation locations
  • A PKCS12 keystore containing one or more private keys and certificate chains
  • Certificates and keys from a PKCS12 keystore

Also includes utility functions which show how to:

  • Verify the signature on a portabe executable (.exe/.dll) file
  • Generate key pairs
  • Generate timestamps
  • List or dump the content of a certificate
  • Read .pem and .cer/crt files
  • Generate revocation lists

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