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A few weeks ago Amazon announced a new bulk emailing service it calls the Simple Email Service (SES). In principle using this service any organization can send upto 2000 email every day for free and up to 1 million a day, if you need volume, at what seems like a very reasonable cost.

Of course there are caveats – mainly around the measurement of rejections and bounces which Amazon will use to determine the daily sent limit assigned to an account – and limitations – at the moment emails sent via SES cannot include attachments.

However the biggest weakness for us is that it’s necessary to use the SES APIs to send emails. That is we cannot send from Exchange or Outlook. Maybe this is OK for companies with large mailing requirements. But we want to be able to take advantage of SES but from a regular mail client.

Our solution

So we’ve created an application which implements a robust SMTP server and which forwards emails it receives from regular mail clients to Amazon SES. This makes it really easy to use Amazon SES. Using the application anyone or any organization can begin using Amazon’s SES without writing a line of code and can send emails using just a standard email client (providing it is able to connect to an SMTP server which most if not all emails clients are able to do).

We decided to make the application available publicly for a very small consideration and you can find out more about the application here. There’s also a video on the page showing the application being used.

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