ExtJS personal ‘how-to’ notes

ExtJS is a great JavaScript framework because it is comprehensive. The flip side is that it is huge. Because there’s no code completion facilities that work with ExtJS (don’t get me started on the waste of effort that is the Eclipse plugin) it’s necessary to remember lots of stuff which I find impossible. As a result I’m consulting the API reference help (which is very good) all the time.

However there are some common patterns that I reuse so this post is to, over time, document these patterns. Most are to do with manipulating flat and tree grids.

ExtJS, Direct and cross-domain access

This post is my write up of the options to access data in a cross-domain scenario which maybe just to support the ability to develop on a machine in one domain and access data in another domain. The focus here is specifically on ExtJS (or Sencha Touch) but the comments apply more widely. The post exists because although there’s plenty of information about this topic, I found the information available confusing and I found it difficult to separate the wheat form the chaff and relate it to ExtJS. Hopefully if will seem cogent next time I need the information.

Replacing a system drive

Most of our infrastructure is in the ‘cloud’ (Amazon Web Services) but we maintain a couple of machines running Windows 2008 Server with Hyper-V activated so we are able to run and keep multiple test configurations available.

The machine’s drives are mirrored and yesterday morning one of the system drive pair of one machine gave up. The machine has been running for 3 years almost constantly so if one of the pair has failed, there’s a good chance the other will as well. So this was a good time to replace both of them.

Microsoft Inquire: not fit for purpose?

With Office 2013 Microsoft has included the tools acquired from PrOdiance all packaged up as options on an ‘Inquire’ tab. Sadly it seems to me the Inquire tools and specifically the spreadsheet comparison tool is not fit for purpose. This post describes why while this link takes you to a video illustrating its problems.

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