For the Auditor

The ComplyXL client, part of ComplyXL Enterprise

Strengthen the audit process

ComplyXL helps auditors speed up the spreadsheet audit process with easy access to comparisons of changes and snapshots of changes from previous audits.

Snapshots are saved by users to demonstrate to auditors adherence to agreed compliance procedures and so ensure clarity of the audit process. Auditors access a central workbook repository eliminating the need to access, and potentially change, live spreadsheets. This capability gives auditors a key tool to see and understand an organization's audit trail as well as providing documentary evidence for compliance. Spreadsheets can be sorted by department, whether the latest version is approved, by date and so on.

To find out more about how ComplyXL achieves this, please go to our presentations page

Benefits include:

  • Audit process streamlined providing more time to focus on assuring spreadsheets and process compliance
  • Auditing process more transparent (what comparisons were carried out, what criteria was used - formulas, arrays, hidden cells etc)
  • Detailed documentation maintained and available to be included in the wider compliance process
  • Documentation kept within the central repository so aids Sarbanes Oxley compliance
  • Confirmation of tests that have been performed even if they reveal no changes have occurred


Rather than an endless loop of users creating errors then trying to find them and fix them once they come apparent through use, ComplyXL gives users and auditors visibility into the changes occurring to spreadsheets so it becomes possible to see where errors may be more like to occur *before* they are used in the reporting cycle.