For the Compliance Team

The ComplyXL client, part of ComplyXL Enterprise

ComplyXL adds both version control and comparison features to Excel.

Comparing Workbooks and Versions

A document management system is an important part of the compliance assurance process but it cannot help a user of or member of the compliance team confirm the quality of a workbook once it is checked out.

ComplyXL allows for workbooks to be updated to include a saved version of the current workbook. Using either a PC version or one of the web server versions, a user can determine at any time whether or not the workbook has been changed since it was checked out from the document repository.

ComplyXL maintains an audit trail, called theVersion History,of versions saved, deleted, exported or rolled back,that can be reviewed at anytime.

Built-in comparison tools allow users to visualise the differences between any two versions, for example, a saved version and the current workbook.

ComplyXL not only identifies changes to cell data but changes to:

  • Cell formating that might be used to hide information
  • Calculation options that might affect the integrity of the reported data
  • Macros that might change in functionality even if the name used in workbook is unchanged
  • Document properties, the values of which can be reported as cell values

and many other features.