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ExtJS personal ‘how-to’ notes

ExtJS is a great JavaScript framework because it is comprehensive. The flip side is that it is huge. Because there’s no code completion facilities that work with ExtJS (don’t get me started on the waste of effort that is the Eclipse plugin) it’s necessary to remember lots of stuff which I find impossible. As a […]

ExtJS, Direct and cross-domain access

This post is my write up of the options to access data in a cross-domain scenario which maybe just to support the ability to develop on a machine in one domain and access data in another domain. The focus here is specifically on ExtJS (or Sencha Touch) but the comments apply more widely. The post […]

Replacing a system drive

Most of our infrastructure is in the ‘cloud’ (Amazon Web Services) but we maintain a couple of machines running Windows 2008 Server with Hyper-V activated so we are able to run and keep multiple test configurations available. The machine’s drives are mirrored and yesterday morning one of the system drive pair of one machine gave […]

Microsoft Inquire: not fit for purpose?

With Office 2013 Microsoft has included the tools acquired from PrOdiance all packaged up as options on an ‘Inquire’ tab. Sadly it seems to me the Inquire tools and specifically the spreadsheet comparison tool is not fit for purpose. This post describes why while this link takes you to a video illustrating its problems.

A good word for ILSpy

Back in the day, Lutz Roeder created the really useful utility Reflector. He later sold it to Red Gate who, reasonably, tried to make money from it by removing the free version. Uproar ensued. Although RG backed away from their initial position and now make available a free version, the ILSpy project came to the […]

Inter-process communications

WCF is a pretty comprehensive communications framework but is daunting to use. Even for practitioners experienced in the art there is lots do each time a new project is started. Lots of options, lots of configuration most of which is daunting to the uninitiated. I’ve used WCF in the past to create web applications independent […]

If the EU were an Olympic member

As a Brit it’s been good to see Team GB achieve so much success in the London 2012 Olympic games. Beijing was a great games for Team GB and the idea that there would be as many medals seemed to me to be optimistic. In the end my doubts were unfounded and Team GB achieved […]

Excel 2013 Spreadsheet Inquire & Compare

As noted in recent blog posts, Office 2013 includes an add-in called Inquire. Inquire appears to be at least part of the Prodiance Spreadsheet IQ acquired by Microsoft at the end of 2010. Although presented as a 2013 add-in it appears the add-in is separate from Excel and even works in Excel 2007 and 2010 […]

Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

Today Microsoft announced Office 2013 and provided general access to a preview version. I’m delighted to come out from under wraps to report that ComplyXL supports Office 2013. The announcement was a webcast shown at noon PDT and led by Steve Ballmer. However the interesting stuff was presented by Kirk Koenigsbauer who demonstrated Office 2013 […]

Microsoft’s Surface announcement

Last night I watched the CNET feed of their attendees comments during a mysterious event hosted by Microsoft. The event was to announce a new tablet from Microsoft to be called Surface. The audience was small and attendees were specifically selected. The attendees from CNET were posting information during the presentations by Ballmer, Sinofsky and […]


Not so much a blog as an extended favorites list. With hundreds of links saved in my browser favorites I miss the ability to add notes to explain the reason for saving the link. A blog seems like a great way to record the notes and to make them searchable too.