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Active Directory in AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Windows instances can be used to run Active Directory (AD) services. Installing AD is not difficult but how do you make it work in an open cloud? Augusto Rosa has a great post which shows, step-by-step, how to do it. The main effort is to make sure that EC2 security groups are created correctly so ports are open between members of the AD but not open to everyone else. But Augusto doesn’t cover how to delegate to an AD sub-domain though it’s obvious when you know.

Replacing a system drive

Most of our infrastructure is in the ‘cloud’ (Amazon Web Services) but we maintain a couple of machines running Windows 2008 Server with Hyper-V activated so we are able to run and keep multiple test configurations available. The machine’s drives are mirrored and yesterday morning one of the system drive pair of one machine gave […]

If the EU were an Olympic member

As a Brit it’s been good to see Team GB achieve so much success in the London 2012 Olympic games. Beijing was a great games for Team GB and the idea that there would be as many medals seemed to me to be optimistic. In the end my doubts were unfounded and Team GB achieved […]

Microsoft’s Surface announcement

Last night I watched the CNET feed of their attendees comments during a mysterious event hosted by Microsoft. The event was to announce a new tablet from Microsoft to be called Surface. The audience was small and attendees were specifically selected. The attendees from CNET were posting information during the presentations by Ballmer, Sinofsky and […]

Bootable VHD

This post is to make sure I don’t lose some information. John Papa has a great post on how to setup a machine to book directly into a VHD ( I’ve been using this technique since I moved to Windows 7 (the first version to support the capability). It’s worked fine and I’d like to […]

Visual Studio crashes

In the previous post I wrote about how Visual Studio crashes seemingly when working with themes/generic.xaml The issue was reported to Microsoft along with a video but, no surprise, there was no response. Well it seems I am able to fix these issues by deleting the project’s .suo file. I’ve no idea how to predict […]

Can you buy Olympic gold?

For the past 8 years (or may be longer) some of the ill gotten gains from the UK’s national lottery has been going towards funding sports excellence in the UK.  At the Athens Olympics four years ago the results were ambivalent.  The overall performance (as measured by medals awarded – especially gold) was not as good as […]

A European view of the medal totals in Beijing

Totals at the end of day 15.  Numbers in brackets are medal totals normalized for population (China x 1, EU x 2, USA x 4). Territory Population (~m) Gold Silver Bronze Total China 1200 49 (49) 19 (19) 28 (28) 96 (96) Europe 600 89 (178) 106 (212) 101 (202) 296 (592) USA 300 34 (136) […]

Changing the backlight of an Inspiron 9300 LCD panel

How difficult can this be?  I later learned this activity has a geek score of 8.0 and the answer to the question is “more than you’d want it to be”.  The old adage has it that a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing and I got caught.  The screen on my Inspiron 9300 […]