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ExtJS: Reloading stores quickly

In an ExtJS application it is sometimes necessary to reload a store and the challenge is to do it quickly. If the store backs a paged grid the issue doesn’t really arise. But if the store backs a grid with many records – and specially if its a tree store backing a tree view – […]

ExtJS ux.grid.FiltersFeature update

The ux.grid.FiltersFeature makes the assumption that a field’s name holds the correct value to use when it builds the query. But sometimes it’s necessary to use a mapping because the field name uses a value that is not legal in JavaScript. However the plugin does not recognize mapping so this update fixes this shortcoming.

ExtJS personal ‘how-to’ notes

ExtJS is a great JavaScript framework because it is comprehensive. The flip side is that it is huge. Because there’s no code completion facilities that work with ExtJS (don’t get me started on the waste of effort that is the Eclipse plugin) it’s necessary to remember lots of stuff which I find impossible. As a […]

ExtJS, Direct and cross-domain access

This post is my write up of the options to access data in a cross-domain scenario which maybe just to support the ability to develop on a machine in one domain and access data in another domain. The focus here is specifically on ExtJS (or Sencha Touch) but the comments apply more widely. The post […]

VJET for ExtJS

ExtJS 4 is a great framework for creating rich internet application. However there is a big problem: it’s a huge productivity drain. Modern development tools are complete with features to help make the code writing experience as productive as possible. In particular, code completion. This post is about a project to add ExtJS code completion […]

Escaping regular expression characters in an input string

When using input gathered from a user to create a regular expression, the user input may contain regular expression control characters such as ‘.’ and ‘*’. These need to be escaped so the regular expression engine treats them as literal characters.

How to ExtJS 4 JsonP

The JsonP proxy ( is provided to handle cross domain queries and posts. Using it is straight forward but just swapping out an ajax or json proxy and using a jsonp proxy is not enough.

Treeview node params when loading from a TreeStore

Setting node values is straight forward when nodes are added manually. So how are node params set when a tree is loaded from a TreeStore? This Sencha forum post shows the fields which can be returned by a store to control the parameters of each node.

ExtJS 4.x animations

This is a collection of references to information about using Animations in ExtJS. These capabilities seem similar to the type of functionality in jQuery or Mootools. I found it a little confusing in part because the animation classes and methods in 4.x are quite different to those in 3.4 but also because components and elements […]

Links to information about ExtJS styling/theming

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