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Windows anti-spam & anti-virus server on AWS

In house we run an Exchange server which is great but the anti-virus and anti-spam tools are limited or relatively expensive. To date we’ve addressed this issue by using a front-end server running a combination of PostFix, SpamAssassin and ClamAV on Ubuntu. It’s been effective and inexpensive. However, we can no longer update ClamAV because […]

Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

Today Microsoft announced Office 2013 and provided general access to a preview version. I’m delighted to come out from under wraps to report that ComplyXL supports Office 2013. The announcement was a webcast shown at noon PDT and led by Steve Ballmer. However the interesting stuff was presented by Kirk Koenigsbauer who demonstrated Office 2013 […]

Auto update for EC2 security groups

Access to services on an Amazon Web Services EC2 instance is controlled by security groups. These allow you to have, say, port 80 available to anyone but have other ports only accessible from specific IP address(es). If the IP address supplied by your ISP is dynamic or, at least, not not static you can find […]

Remote Desktop in a browser

Walter Wang has a collection of remote desktop products at His RDP client for Android is, in my view, easily the best of a wide crop of such tools. But his greatest tool is the Spark Gateway. The gateway presents a remote desktop in a browser. No need for anything to be installed. The […]

Amazon EC2 remote desktop

By default, EC2 Linux AMIs tend not to come with a GUI like Gnome or KDE. Mostly EC2 instances are production servers and it makes sense there’s no GUI. But in development it’s handy to be able to edit code in an IDE like Komodo or Eclipse on the server rather than rely on remote […]

Amazon Simple Email Services supports attachments

Amazon has just announced that their Simple Email Service now accepts MIME attachments. This means emails containing attachments and sent via SES using our application from bulk email clients, Exchange and email clients like Outlook will be accepted for delivery by Amazon. There is nothing to change in our application to take advantage of this […]

Office 365 – What a disappointment

With the facilities of Office, Exchange, SharePoint and Live Meeting (dressed up as Lync) what could possibly go wrong? Well having Microsoft product managers involved for a start. This is a product that offers so much potential but is, in my view, fatally flawed by Microsoft’s heavy handed approach: my way or the high way. […]

Microsoft and horseless carriages

I read an article in the Register reporting on Microsoft asserting that Amazon’s EC2 is the horseless carriage of the day when compared to it’s Azure. The horseless carriage analogy is not a bad one. I use lots of EC2 and that’s in part because I can deploy apps the same on EC2 as locally. […]

DKIM support added to SES application

Our SMTP service for Amazon SES has been updated to optionally include automatically generated DKIM signatures. This is a feature you can use to make it more likely your emails will reach their destination.

DKIM conformance example

Having had to get to grips with various forms of cryptography in recent years a common theme is that those who create libraries or standards rarely if ever publish conformance data. It seems the developers/specifiers think their spec is so straight forward/complete anyone can follow along. I beg to differ. My first experience was with […]