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Office 365 – What a disappointment

With the facilities of Office, Exchange, SharePoint and Live Meeting (dressed up as Lync) what could possibly go wrong? Well having Microsoft product managers involved for a start. This is a product that offers so much potential but is, in my view, fatally flawed by Microsoft’s heavy handed approach: my way or the high way. […]

Microsoft and horseless carriages

I read an article in the Register reporting on Microsoft asserting that Amazon’s EC2 is the horseless carriage of the day when compared to it’s Azure. The horseless carriage analogy is not a bad one. I use lots of EC2 and that’s in part because I can deploy apps the same on EC2 as locally. […]

Are you receiving all your e-mails?

With so much of our lives being on-line everyone needs to be vigilant. But internet security is a money making machine and not all the advice is in our best interests. Sometimes companies get swept up in the frenzy. Maybe because its not felt politically correct only to do the right thing but bow to […]

EC2 coming of age?

I’ve been participating in the EC2 beta program for the past 18 months because the ability to fire up any number of PCs seems like such a good idea.  And kudos to Amazon for investing in a speculative area like this.  EC2 provides the means to start any number of virtual machines running one or another […]