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Why doesn’t Linux work as a general OS?

I have wanted Linux to work for a long time but the reality is that I use Windows. But why? The reasons are important to me because I need to understand why I prefer Windows over Linux even though it costs more cash to run than Linux. Here are my reasons for Linux cannot succeed […]

Microsoft Inquire: not fit for purpose?

With Office 2013 Microsoft has included the tools acquired from PrOdiance all packaged up as options on an ‘Inquire’ tab. Sadly it seems to me the Inquire tools and specifically the spreadsheet comparison tool is not fit for purpose. This post describes why while this link takes you to a video illustrating its problems.

Excel 2013 Spreadsheet Inquire & Compare

As noted in recent blog posts, Office 2013 includes an add-in called Inquire. Inquire appears to be at least part of the Prodiance Spreadsheet IQ acquired by Microsoft at the end of 2010. Although presented as a 2013 add-in it appears the add-in is separate from Excel and even works in Excel 2007 and 2010 […]

Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

Today Microsoft announced Office 2013 and provided general access to a preview version. I’m delighted to come out from under wraps to report that ComplyXL supports Office 2013. The announcement was a webcast shown at noon PDT and led by Steve Ballmer. However the interesting stuff was presented by Kirk Koenigsbauer who demonstrated Office 2013 […]

Error writing large files using OpenXML

We recently encountered a problem writing large files using OpenXML from an Office add-in. When run as an execuable the same code doesn’t fail. The relevant part of the error message is “Unable to determine the identity of domain” which is from an IsolatedStorageException even though, at the time of the error, the code in […]

Using office admin templates with encrypted documents

Office 2007 supports much more comprehensive encryption so is worth using and is going to become yet more useful (New Improved Office Crypto).  However we found that when encryption was enabled, the document properties were no longer visible.  No big deal, right?  Well it makes indexing services much less useful.  When a document is encrypted […]

Decrypting Open Office documents

Office Open XML decription code At the end of June Microsoft released many documents which aim to provide normative information about various the protocols and file formats used by Microsoft products. Among these documents is MS_OFFCRYPTO which provides information about the algorithms used to encrypt Microsoft Office documents (new and old) and which are available […]