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Streaming using Silverlight

The day Silverlight 2.0 is released will be a momentous day.  At the moment high-quality presentations over the web requires Flash and while we’re OK with Flash, its another technology to learn/support.  Meanwhile Microsoft has released WPF (it’s what the Vista Aero theme uses) which makes it possible to create great, graphical applications in the […]


Streaming video seems like a great way to be able to demonstrate software.  Products like Adobe’s Captivate allow you to create Flash presentations a type and they are good for documenting specific actions in detail though these sometime come across as a bit stilted or disconnected.  Sometimes its better to present the product ‘live’ because it gives […]

Streaming Video from IIS

One of the striking developments over the past couple of years has been the convergence of using Flash Video (.flv) files to provide streamed content.  Perhaps others will have an accurate perspective on the emergence of this format but my experience has come from its use on YouTube persumably because of its utility as a […]