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Why doesn’t Linux work as a general OS?

I have wanted Linux to work for a long time but the reality is that I use Windows. But why? The reasons are important to me because I need to understand why I prefer Windows over Linux even though it costs more cash to run than Linux. Here are my reasons for Linux cannot succeed […]

Amazon EC2 remote desktop

By default, EC2 Linux AMIs tend not to come with a GUI like Gnome or KDE. Mostly EC2 instances are production servers and it makes sense there’s no GUI. But in development it’s handy to be able to edit code in an IDE like Komodo or Eclipse on the server rather than rely on remote […]

Setting up SSL: Ubuntu and Apache 2

Doing anything in an unfamiliar environment is difficult though often obvious when you know how. So it was when we setup a new web server on a server running the Ubuntu distribution. However the information here is exactly right though not obviously so. The light bulb finally went on when we realized that the Apache2 […]