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DKIM conformance example

Having had to get to grips with various forms of cryptography in recent years a common theme is that those who create libraries or standards rarely if ever publish conformance data. It seems the developers/specifiers think their spec is so straight forward/complete anyone can follow along. I beg to differ. My first experience was with […]

Useful changes to BouncyCastle (C#)

This post provides some information relevant to the later post on PKI and codesigning for C#. BouncyCastle (BC) is an extensive and open source library originally developed in Java for all thing PKI, PGP, SSL, etc. There’s lightweight version of BC which seems to contain much of the BC essentials and which has been ported […]

System.Net.Mail – Oops

The System.Net.Mail classes of the .NET framework provide the ability for programmers to send email. The classes are robust and support a wide range of authentication mechanisms including basic (digest), NTLM, Login and Negotiate. What’s surprising is that the Negotiate doesn’t work with Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010. That is, out-of-the-box you can’t send mail […]