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Fixing printing problems in Windows

For the longest time printing on our network was a hit and miss affair. Some could (I could) but others could not and yet others could but only intermittently. Our arrangement is not entirely usual but not to the point of uniqueness. We have a domain but the printer is attached to a machine that […]

Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

Today Microsoft announced Office 2013 and provided general access to a preview version. I’m delighted to come out from under wraps to report that ComplyXL supports Office 2013. The announcement was a webcast shown at noon PDT and led by Steve Ballmer. However the interesting stuff was presented by Kirk Koenigsbauer who demonstrated Office 2013 […]

The case for virtual domain controllers

I’ve been using Windows servers for a very long time. In all that time any article I’ve read on the subject of domain controllers has stressed the importance of having a machine dedicated to the role and, ideally, a backup. For a large enterprise this is probably good advice. For a small organization it’s overkill […]

Skype and Microsoft: anyone understand it?

Even a decade or more back I read that Microsoft would not enter a market it couldn’t create a $billion business from. A company as big as Microsoft has to make big bets. Some will work, some will not. Even so, what’s the deal with Skype?