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Parallel processing using managed code

Microsoft has made the TPL library available and is in the process of releasing parallel LINQ (PLINQ).  Also I read somewhere a week of so ago (may New Scientist) that the PS3 is built around a 9 processor engine: one, running at 4GHz, for regular processing and control tasks and the others for graphics processing.  Apparently they are are […]

Lang.NET talks available on-line

Its a shame I could justify going to Lang.NET held at Microsoft’s Redmond campus at the end of January because the topics seemed interesting.  However the talks have now been published so at least the information covered is more generally available. To view the talks Silverlight 1.0 must be installed.

Silverlight 2.0 beta 1 here soon!

I’m really looking forward to being able to use Silverlight.  We’re using WPF and though resource hungry its a great tool to use to create application UI.  Silverlight is a sub-set of the full WPF including, it seems, the important layout, styling and templating features plus all the new stuff in .NET 3.0/3.5 such as […]

Dependency Injection

Last year it was Ruby-on-Rails.  This year the fashionable technology seems to be Dependency Injection.  The objective of DI is to increase the looseness of coupling and is popular topic among those into Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP).    This is a good thing in principle.  Here’s a quote from the AspectJ site, a framework for AOP in Java: Some aspects […]

JavaScript intellisense

VS 2008 supports Intellisense for JavaScript.  The RTM doesn’t always work for me so I’m hoping this Hotfix will solve my problems.  Even then, the challenge is that the Intellisense engine can only pick up and present information for commented JavaScript files.  What about compressed/packed file?  Well it turns out that you can provide hints in […]

Office binary specifications

As part of their agreement with the standard process committee looking at OpenXML, Microsoft has released the specifications for the binary formats used in Office 97-2007 here: The compound file and other supporting formats are specified here:

Streaming using Silverlight

The day Silverlight 2.0 is released will be a momentous day.  At the moment high-quality presentations over the web requires Flash and while we’re OK with Flash, its another technology to learn/support.  Meanwhile Microsoft has released WPF (it’s what the Vista Aero theme uses) which makes it possible to create great, graphical applications in the […]


Sometimes its helpful to be able to create a parser.   It might be for a simple language, an expression evaluator – anytime it’s necessary validate entry by a user that is more complex than can be handled by RegEx or so that keywords in a grammar can be replaced intelligently.  So far the two choices […]