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Using Xaml for application configuration

This post on CodeProject caught my attention because its just a good idea for the use of an existing technology.  .NET configuration files are great because they allow for rich, hierarchially structured configuration data but its still necessary to anticipate and allow for all the data an application will need. WFP cannot so its configuration […]

EC2 coming of age?

I’ve been participating in the EC2 beta program for the past 18 months because the ability to fire up any number of PCs seems like such a good idea.  And kudos to Amazon for investing in a speculative area like this.  EC2 provides the means to start any number of virtual machines running one or another […]

Microsoft Enterprise Library

The Enterprise Library is a collection of integrated application blocks created by the Patterns and Practices group at Microsoft.  This library contains useful block such as logging, security, encryption/hashing, and other components of a good application implemented in drop-in packages or, at least, ones that can be extended.  We use our own logging, encryption, security and data […]