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Hyper-V first impressions – pretty good

The purpose of buying a new 64-bit CPU and motherboard, enough memory and installing Windows 2008 x64 has been to try the new VM technology.  So after installing Windows 2008 x64 I’ve had chance to try the new hypervisor scheduled to be included in Windows 2008 and it does seem pretty good.  I’ve not done […]

Booting an install across the network

Keen to try Microsoft’s new Hyper-V, part of Window 2008 I upgraded a machine with a new AM2 socket motherboard, an AMD Athlon  64 x2 chip and 4GB RAM.  I downloaded the Windows 2008 ISO from MSDN and was keen to get to work when I realized the machine didn’t have CD drive let alone a […]

Oops, I’ve just hosed my domain controller

Here are some links I found useful when adding a backup domain controller to our network then messing up all authentication by ruining the replication process. In general there’s a lot of good information on Daniel Petri’s site, inparticular: However, after successfully adding an additional domain controller it would not authenticate.  It wouldn’t authenticate […]

VS 2008 and inherited forms

Inherited forms are a great idea and have been around in .NET since the 1.0 beta.  However when used in VS 2008 there’s an annoying problem.  This Microsoft KB article touches on it but doesn’t cover all the problems or their solutions.  Moreover in some scenarios the suggested fixes do not work because the problem […]


So EC2 has a role especially if the software you want to use runs on Linux.  You can scale quickly and coordinate activity between a farm of machines using SQS.  But if your software doesn’t run on Linux you’re stuffed.  The principle of EC2 is great because you pay for what you need.  Need an […]

Trouble with Amazon’s cloud cover

It’s interesting to hear that IBM and Google shared a platform where the respective CEOs Schmidt and Parsimonious talked about cloud computing (though there’s nothing tangible to show for their efforts so far, not even a roadmap or a sniff of vaporware).  Meanwhile Amazon’s EC2 continues to amaze me and its becoming more and more robust but […]