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AWS: Just one thing…

Of course it wouldn’t be very British to be unequivocally positive about something (see the last post on AWS) so here’s a bit of a gripe about Windows on EC2 so I can remain in character.  But there’s a solution here as well. EC2 instances of any flavor are not much use without persistent storage […]

Amazon Web Services review: Fantastic

Well that could be the whole review.  I’ve been using AWS for a couple of years and really wanted to use their Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service when it became available.  The machines available initially were all Linux.  I don’t mind Linux and we use it to run routers and the telephone system but the stuff […]

Using office admin templates with encrypted documents

Office 2007 supports much more comprehensive encryption so is worth using and is going to become yet more useful (New Improved Office Crypto).  However we found that when encryption was enabled, the document properties were no longer visible.  No big deal, right?  Well it makes indexing services much less useful.  When a document is encrypted […]