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PKI and code signing for C#

This post is to document my understanding of the terms used in and standards used to implement Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) components. We use PKI components all the time when visiting an HTTPS site, signing an email or checking an executable is from who its supposed to be. I’ve a short term interest in code […]

Example certificate generation and signing for C#

To download the example code associated with this post on PKI boot camp click here. Why make a nominal charge? It took a while to figure out how to create certificates in C# so I know if you are looking to be able to generate certificates, generate and verify signatures then this example is going […]

Useful changes to BouncyCastle (C#)

This post provides some information relevant to the later post on PKI and codesigning for C#. BouncyCastle (BC) is an extensive and open source library originally developed in Java for all thing PKI, PGP, SSL, etc. There’s lightweight version of BC which seems to contain much of the BC essentials and which has been ported […]