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Searching for a byte sequence in a byte array

I needed to find a sequence of bytes in a byte array. There’s the .IndexOf() extension method but this finds only one byte. What I want is a .Contains() extension method for byte arrays which is able accept an array of bytes as a parameter (the needle) representing the byte sequence to find in the […]

Microsoft and horseless carriages

I read an article in the Register reporting on Microsoft asserting that Amazon’s EC2 is the horseless carriage of the day when compared to it’s Azure. The horseless carriage analogy is not a bad one. I use lots of EC2 and that’s in part because I can deploy apps the same on EC2 as locally. […]

DKIM support added to SES application

Our SMTP service for Amazon SES has been updated to optionally include automatically generated DKIM signatures. This is a feature you can use to make it more likely your emails will reach their destination.

DKIM conformance example

Having had to get to grips with various forms of cryptography in recent years a common theme is that those who create libraries or standards rarely if ever publish conformance data. It seems the developers/specifiers think their spec is so straight forward/complete anyone can follow along. I beg to differ. My first experience was with […]

SMTP server for Amazon SES

A few weeks ago Amazon announced a new bulk emailing service it calls the Simple Email Service (SES). In principle using this service any organization can send upto 2000 email every day for free and up to 1 million a day, if you need volume, at what seems like a very reasonable cost. Of course […]

Isn’t Linq great?

The lack of ForEach extension method on types other than List meant I didn’t pay enough attention soon enough to Linq which is great to use. The fluent coding style, now I’m used to it, makes data management tasks seem easier (and here I mean management of POCO list and dictionaries not databases). Here’s a […]