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OfficeOpenXml: Agile Encryption

Recently danyelljc contacted me to point out that the code associated with an earlier article did not include an example of using the “Agile Encryption” (see section – in MS-OFFCRYPTO) which is used as the default encryption in Office 2010. This post corrects my omission.

Skype and Microsoft: anyone understand it?

Even a decade or more back I read that Microsoft would not enter a market it couldn’t create a $billion business from. A company as big as Microsoft has to make big bets. Some will work, some will not. Even so, what’s the deal with Skype?

Office 365 – What a disappointment

With the facilities of Office, Exchange, SharePoint and Live Meeting (dressed up as Lync) what could possibly go wrong? Well having Microsoft product managers involved for a start. This is a product that offers so much potential but is, in my view, fatally flawed by Microsoft’s heavy handed approach: my way or the high way. […]