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Time sync and Windows

I’d always believed that the only requirement for synchronizing time on Windows machines is the NET TIME. This command allows clients to sychronize their clocks with a domain controller (DC) and the server version has a command line option to allow an external time server to be specified. Certainly the domain’s clients sychronize their clocks […]

LINQ: Let me re-iterate

In his post Generalized IEnumerable to chunked IEnumerable Steve Gilham shows how an IEnumerable can be chopped into chunks and processed as part of a LINQ query. His example is great because it provides an extension method to chop any IEnumerable (for example a file stream) into chunks which are to be processed independently. In […]

LINQ: it can grow on trees

The IEnumerable interface underpins LINQ. It’s the contract that makes LINQ queries composable. I think the whole link thing is great (see earlier post) but is constrained to to dealing with flat data. Sure you can group but if you need groups nested three deep then you have to know this in advance. Hierarchical structures […]

The case for virtual domain controllers

I’ve been using Windows servers for a very long time. In all that time any article I’ve read on the subject of domain controllers has stressed the importance of having a machine dedicated to the role and, ideally, a backup. For a large enterprise this is probably good advice. For a small organization it’s overkill […]

MongoDB: too much hype

I’ve been encouraged to look at MongoDB (and other NoSQL implementations) because someone seems to have the idea this is some new panacea. I first smelled a rat when I read of a seminar promoting MongoDB by someone who has created a social web site and studied poetry. Now that’s no to detract from the […]