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How to ExtJS 4 JsonP

The JsonP proxy ( is provided to handle cross domain queries and posts. Using it is straight forward but just swapping out an ajax or json proxy and using a jsonp proxy is not enough.

Treeview node params when loading from a TreeStore

Setting node values is straight forward when nodes are added manually. So how are node params set when a tree is loaded from a TreeStore? This Sencha forum post shows the fields which can be returned by a store to control the parameters of each node.

.NET Win 7-style folder select dialog

Sometimes it’s necessary to allow a user to select a folder not a file. The .NET FolderBrowserDialog (part of System.Windows.Forms) is showing its age. With Vista came a new folder selection dialog based on the OpenFileDialog but the Vista-style dialog has not been added to .NET. This post includes code (c#) to display the Vista/Win […]

ExtJS 4.x animations

This is a collection of references to information about using Animations in ExtJS. These capabilities seem similar to the type of functionality in jQuery or Mootools. I found it a little confusing in part because the animation classes and methods in 4.x are quite different to those in 3.4 but also because components and elements […]