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Microsoft Inquire: not fit for purpose?

With Office 2013 Microsoft has included the tools acquired from PrOdiance all packaged up as options on an ‘Inquire’ tab. Sadly it seems to me the Inquire tools and specifically the spreadsheet comparison tool is not fit for purpose. This post describes why while this link takes you to a video illustrating its problems.

A good word for ILSpy

Back in the day, Lutz Roeder created the really useful utility Reflector. He later sold it to Red Gate who, reasonably, tried to make money from it by removing the free version. Uproar ensued. Although RG backed away from their initial position and now make available a free version, the ILSpy project came to the […]

Inter-process communications

WCF is a pretty comprehensive communications framework but is daunting to use. Even for practitioners experienced in the art there is lots do each time a new project is started. Lots of options, lots of configuration most of which is daunting to the uninitiated. I’ve used WCF in the past to create web applications independent […]