Bootable VHD

This post is to make sure I don’t lose some information. John Papa has a great post on how to setup a machine to book directly into a VHD ( I’ve been using this technique since I moved to Windows 7 (the first version to support the capability). It’s worked fine and I’d like to remember how to setup one in the future.

Here are the key commands:

create part primary
format fs=ntfs label=”256 GB SSD” quick
assign letter=c

create vdisk file=c:\win7.vhd maximum=50000 type=expandable

BCDBOOT x:\Windows

bcdedit /set {myguid} device vhd=[locate]\Win7Mix11.vhd
bcdedit /set {myguid} osdevice vhd=[locate]\Win7Mix11.vhd
bcdedit /set {myguid} detecthal on

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