Amazon Simple Email Services supports attachments

Amazon has just announced that their Simple Email Service now accepts MIME attachments. This means emails containing attachments and sent via SES using our application from bulk email clients, Exchange and email clients like Outlook will be accepted for delivery by Amazon.

There is nothing to change in our application to take advantage of this new SES capability, its just that you can now use it to send a wider range of emails through SES.

Amazon made this comment in its announcement (which you read in full here

“We have extended our content filtering technologies to include attachments, which helps detect and block attachments containing spam or malware before they can be sent. Amazon SES helps senders protect their reputations by providing additional protection for recipient email inboxes.”

About Total Sending

Our application allows any email client, including Microsoft Exchange, to send emails through Amazon SES. Amazon SES can be a substantially cheaper email service provider (in some cases as muchas 1000 times less expensive).

The application also supports adding a DKIM signature to all outbound messages to increase the likelihood of successful delivery and decrease email rejection rates.

Find out more about this great application at the Total Sending website. The price for a Desktop version is $16, for a server version $160 and for integration with Exchange is $699.

Not sure if SES will save you money? Take a look at our ROI page and see if these savings apply to you.

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