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Spreadsheet management for the enterprise

Spreadsheet Management

Spreadsheet change management and compliance control

  • Automatically capture spreadsheet changes
  • Ensure a full change history
  • Identify and report changes for audit purposes
  • Implement a spreadsheet change control process
  • Notify managers of key changes
Version control

Take control of your spreadsheets

Reliably and automatically capture and save spreadsheet changes as they occur.

  • Track any number of spreadsheets and capture all changes
  • Approvals process option for Managers and Compliance staff
  • Recover deleted spreadsheets
  • Identify differences between versions and report on them for compliance purposes
Who, when, why?

Identify and report spreadsheet changes

Quickly identify and document any or all changes to spreadsheets across your file servers and your network of PCs.

Find changes made to cell values, formulas, formats, macros and over 40 other workbook, sheet and cell features.

Focus your audit effort and let ComplyXL show you who made each change, when they made it and why.


Active monitoring

Continuously monitor for spreadsheet changes and be notified

Let ComplyXL continously monitor your spreadsheets and generate email alerts when they change

  • Automatically capture changes to spreadsheets on file servers or PCs
  • Subscribe to receive notifications when key spreadsheets channge
  • No software needed on client PCs
Find out why organizations in insurance, airlines, health, logistics, defense and others trust ComplyXL to help meet their governance commitments

For the compliance team Compliance control to any level

  • Ensure an audit trail of changes to spreadsheets
  • Filter changes to focus on specific types of change
  • Integrate with an existing compliance process

For managers Spreadsheet management & Control

  • Reduce time taken to analyse differences
  • Easily spot changes to large spreadsheets
  • Restrict access by users
  • Restrict the changes a user can make

For IT Standard, easy, extensible

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Install & configure a repository in minutes
  • Copy deploy software and updates
  • Uses standard technologies

Why use version control? Reduce client costs

  • Automatic log of spreadsheet changes
  • Remove the need for manual copying
  • Remove changes or recover deleted documents

For CPAs Help your clients control spreadsheets

  • Audit client spreadsheets
  • Retain categorized copies year-on-year
  • Unlimited clients and spreadsheets

For SharePoint users Build on SharePoint foundations

  • Works with the document library version history
  • Visualize changes between SharePoint versions
  • Automatic integration with SharePoint

No change to work practices

Gain the benefits of control without the need to change Excel in any way.

The control features ComplyXL provides are unobtrusive and do not require users to change the way they work with Excel. Not only do spreadsheets continue to work correctly but there is no need to design new processes or teach users new working practices.

Supports all versions of Excel

ComplyXL provides workbook version control across all versions of Microsoft Excel from Excel 97 to Excel 2007 and also works with Excel 2010, including Excel 2010 64-bit, so you can upgrade knowing historical versions will be available.

An edition to meet your needs

Whether you are a division or company looking to control spreadsheets to meet your compliance or governance obligations, an Excel power user looking to be able to improve your productivity or a user of Excel who wants to see where changes have been made, there is a ComplyXL Edition for you. Learn more about about the editions available.