For the Department, Division or Enterprise

The ComplyXL client, part of ComplyXL Enterprise

ComplyXL adds both version control and comparison features to Excel.

Comparing Workbooks and Versions

When a user changes a spreadsheet ComplyXL will notifiy relevant people so the review process can begin. The first task is for the reviewer to identify changes made to the spreadsheet and assess whether those changes are appropriate, accurate and complete.

The reviewer will begin by using the ComplyXL spreadsheet comparison tool. Using this the reviewer will be able to identify all changes in the spreadsheet and so be able to examine those changes in detail. The results of the review can be recorded as a 'snapshot' that is stored in the repository alongside the spreadsheet version history. Snapshots have two purposes. For quality assurance they provide an opportunity for a reviewer to document their findings which can then be read by a manager so the manager can understand whether a particular spreadsheet can be approved. Snapshots are also the mechanism by which an organization can demonstrate to auditors they are adhering to change control policies.

When the review is complete a manager is able to use the snapshots generated during the review to help decide whether a version can be approved or whether further work is required. If the spreadsheet is approved then the review is complete. If further work is required, further spreadsheet changes will be made, another version will be added and a further review cycle will be undertaken.

Manager Approval Process (MAP)

ComplyXL implements the Manager Approval Process, or MAP. One or more users, such as team leaders, can be given a 'manager' status in ComplyXL. ComplyXL managers are able to update the status of spreadsheets for which they have responsibility to indicate approval status. Users can still use the spreadsheets, even if the latest version hasn't been approved, so spreadsheets aren't tied up.

Using the comparison tool it's easy to identify changes so managers can be confident they know exactly what has changed, who changed it and the cells which have been affected. It's easy to select to view all spreadsheets waiting for approval, so manager can quickly focus on spreadsheets that need to be reviewed.

Central repository for corporate control

Users still work with Excel in the same way but instead of saving copies to one side, versions are recorded in a central repository.

Access controls

Responsible for groups of users, managers control who can access managed spreadsheet versions and what actions as a user can take with respect to any specific spreadsheet or group of spreadsheets. For example, one user may be able to access and update a spreadsheet while another can only access the workbook and a third has no access at all. The permission may be different for another spreadsheets.


Users can collaborate around the development and maintenance of a spreadsheet knowing that if changes need to be reversed, the recorded version history can be accessed to restore earlier an version.

Compliance and governance procedures

The availability of a central repository means auditors and compliance staff are able to review spreadsheets (subject to their access rights) and identify the changes made to spreadsheets and confirm that changes are in line with compliance procedures and policies.


Because ComplyXL is an add-in to Excel all the functionality including the ability to access, update and recover earlier versions of a workbook are available by selecting an Excel menu option.