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Manager Approval Process

Ensure corporate risk objectives

See how ComplyXL components are used to a create review & approvals workflow we call the Manager Approval Process.

It’s a great starting point to find out about ComplyXL because it shows how the components can be used by different members of an organization to implement a process which supports spreadsheet control and your wider compliance objectives.

Video 5:30 (Uses audio)

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Workbook Change Review

See, assess and report workbook changes

ComplyXL lets managers visualize and report workbook changes while letting compliance staff ensure changes are reviewed and approved.

Video 19:03 (Uses audio)

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Continuous Monitoring

Automatic change detection without moving workbooks

ComplyXL tracks the use of workbooks on file servers or local PCs and automatically records changes with notification sent.

Video 4:14

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Manage Change History

Review and audit changes

Add version control to your spreadsheets, compare and document changes with an audit trail.

Video 4:15

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Change notification

Subscribe to receive change notifications

Let ComplyXL notify you when workbooks change and need to be reviewed, keep control

Video 3:33

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SharePoint Integration

See changes to SharePoint hosted workbooks

Use ComplyXL to identify and document changes to workbooks hosted in SharePoint document libraries, compare and highlight changes

Video 0:43

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