ComplyXL Editions

ComplyXL is packaged in three different ways each with its own edition:

Desktop For end users who want to be able to control and manage changes, but don't plan to use a server. This is usually for one or two users only.
Professional Is ideal for Excel power users who want to increase their productivity through better control of changes to their own spreadsheets. This edition has all the capabilities of the Desktop version but with the added features of a local repository for your spreadsheets. There is also the added benefit of being able to capture 'snapshots' of comparisons.
Enterprise The version for organizations who need to be able to ensure tight control of their spreadsheet for compliance purposes. The Enterprise edition has all the functionality of the Professional version but with the software on a server and with multiple users being able to access multiple spreadsheets. Also included is Spreadsheet Discovery and Instant notifications.

Version Control Enterprise Edition Professional Edition Desktop Edition
Record version history
Define users
Define managers
Define user access rights
Define spreadsheet access rights
Central repository
Local repository
Change Tracking Enterprise Edition Professional Edition Desktop Edition
Graphical compare
Tabular view
Drill down
BI-style reporting
Cell values/formulas/formatting
External links
Hidden/locked status
Hidden sheets
Document properties
Save review reports
Active Monitoring Enterprise Edition Professional Edition Desktop Edition
Instant/Email notifications of changes
Spreadsheet discovery
Intelligent continuous change monitoring
Integrations Enterprise Edition Professional Edition Desktop Edition
Active Directory
Google search
Microsoft Indexing
Prices from: €5.290 €1.025 €595
£4,385 £865 £500
$7,035 $1,355 $785

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