ComplyXL and SharePoint

ComplyXL for Windows SharePoint Services and MOSS

If your organization uses or is considering using SharePoint as a web hosting platform for Excel documents, you should know ComplyXL is able to integrate with SharePoint.

SharePoint is able to provide version control for Office documents( * ) which means you are able to rollback to an earlier version if changes made are incorrect or unwanted. However SharePoint does not provide a mechanism which allows you to identify, visualize and report the changes made between any two recorded versions - this is where ComplyXL provides added benefit.

ComplyXL provides this functionality which is missing for SharePoint users. ComplyXL will compare versions of an Excel document held in a SharePoint library and highlight the differences, differences you are able to report or use to focus your remediation activities.

Besides installing ComplyXL, no action is needed to use ComplyXL with SharePoint documents. ComplyXL will recognize when you are working with an Excel workbook hosted in SharePoint and will automatically present and use any version history held by SharePoint.

SharePoint integration A great addition for any Excel and SharePoint user

  • Provides change review for Excel documents hosted in SharePoint
  • Integration with SharePoint is automatic
  • Works with major or major/minor version numbering styles

(*) Assumes versioning is enabled for the document library containing the Excel document you want to review.