Why use version control?

Version control is central to the operation of ComplyXL Enterprise

Taking regular copies of documents is key to the integrity of many business processes but is unreliable. Very often versioning of Excel spreadsheets is non-existent or reliant upon individuals making copies of documents and, perhaps, giving a meaningful name to the copied file. This can cause real problems with spreadsheets multiplying with no control and no way or really knowing what has changed.

ComplyXL provides version control for Excel spreadsheets and, crucially, there's no need to change in any way the spreadsheet files being controlled. They remain on the file server or local PC in the same place, there's no change to Excel and there's nothing for users to learn.

Why not use SharePointTM?

Your organization may be using or considering using SharePoint. SharePoint has many strengths which include the ability to save versions of documents as they are checked-in and ComplyXL will work SharePoint version history. However, using SharePoint means moving all your spreadsheets to SharePoint document libraries.

If you have only a few spreadsheets fixing up any links between them is not difficult. However if you have a large number of spreadsheets with a web of links between them, it can be costly and time consuming to find, update and verify every link and can potentially introduce errors. Using ComplyXL there are no changes necessary and so no costs which means ComplyXL is likely to pay for itself very quickly.

ComplyXL version control benefits Why use ComplyXL for version control of your spreadsheets

  • Automatic log of spreadsheet changes
  • No need to change or move your existing spreadsheets so inter-spreadsheet dependencies are not affected or broken
  • Identify changes between any two versions
  • Rollback to an earlier version or recover deleted spreadsheets